Monday, February 18, 2008

God Bless You Robert Paisola. United Recovery and American Express

Hi Rob,

Just wanted to take the time to THANK YOU! You are a big gun and I appreciate you taking the time to get UNITED RECOVERY off my back.

As you know, My name is Denise Rogers-Babin and I spoke to you yesterday while I was frantic. You stated I was pretty lucky to have gotten you on the phone since you aren't taking any new clients. Let me say thank you.

I appreciate you taking me on. I acquired the American Express Gold Card in 2004 and paid this bill like clockwork since about 5 months ago. You can see my payment history with them was excellent. 5 months ago I began going through a divorce and things got a little tough. I recently contacted american express and tried to make arrangements with them to pay the balance and they stated if I didn't have $1775.00 that day there was nothing they could do.

They told me it was going to go to an outside agency and then they could do nothing more. I told AMEX that I would have the money in a day or two but they told me to borrow it from someone and then pay that person back when I got the money. This didn't happen.

Exactly 2 days later I receive a phone call from a Christian Santos of United Recovery he leaves his number for me to call him back at 800-250-3128 ext 3127. I call him back and he proceeds to tell me he WORKS on behalf of AMEX and I also notice I am being recorded but he never tells me I am being recorded. He tells me he sees things on my credit report like the loan I just took out from BOA to pay off Amex, etc. He tells me that he has access to AMEX computer system and can see my payment history etc.

Not knowing who he was or anything I told him that I do have the money to pay the 18,368.10 to AMEX and he told me where I needed to send it and how to send it. He said I needed to send it overnight mail and call him with a tracking number. I told him I would.

Well, I couldn't do it that day. The next day he burns up my phone with at least 10 calls. When I didn't call him back he proceeds to call my soon to be ex-husband (we are in the process of a divorce) and tell him what is going on. My husband was NEVER a signer on the account, only an authorized user. Well, then he proceeds to call my corporate office and gets ahold of one of our Asst. Relationship Mgr. and this ARM emails me and tells me that Christian wants a call back by 4;00.

I AM TOTALLY EMBARRASSED. I work for Capital One Auto Finance and am a Area Sales Manager (I work from my home in the field. I am not located in any corporate office) you can imagine my embarrassment when I get an email from an ARM in the corporate office. I finally call him back and he transfers me to a Joseph Petri who is his supervisor, Christian tells me it's no longer in his hands and Joseph lays into me like I am some deadbeat who never pays her bills. If you could see my credit I have EXCELLENT credit except for this AMEX account which only recently begun to have problem in the past 5 mths.

I have received no letters from this United Recovery only phone calls. I begun to panic yesterday when I got on the internet and googled United Recovery and AMEX and your website came up so I called and I got you on the phone. Thank goodness you will help me Robert. I don't want to have my credit affected by this. You graciously contacted United Recovery and as soon as they heard who you were they terminated the call. After several calls from me, you and my ex-husband (all of which they terminated)

I am FREE.

What I would like to know is how can I get this off my credit report? I know that AMEX will put this on my credit and call it a charge off which will affect my credit scores (all of which were 762, 778 and 726. How can I fix that?

Rob, I just want to thank you and I would love the opportunity to meet you in person and shake your hand.


Denise Rogers-Babin
Corpus Christi, TX

Note from Western Capital to Federal Regulators:

This call was fully recorded and is avaliable for investigative purposes only in pursual of American Express or United Recovery ie: The FBI, US Customs, District Attorney, The Media, CNN, ABC, Dateline, 20/20, NBC See for further details on our agent Max Marston.

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