Friday, December 14, 2007

Playa Del Sol Timeshare Scam, By Robert Paisola


I just read your piece on Playa Del Sol, in Nuevo Vallarta, and we could not agree more. It was a terrible experience and we would neither return nor recommend that hotel to anyone, in fact the opposite.

This morning we had the equally terrible experience of joining in on one
of the timeshare talks, which we unsuspectingly signed up for without really understanding what we were in for. Our original salesman, Steve Henline, was actually great, but after we told him we would need to think about it and would not buy anything on the spot after an hour presentation, we were joined also by a closer. This man, Leif, who lives in Bucerias, and is an ex-state trooper, has absolutely, for lack of a better word, a terrible vibe, or rather demeanor. He insulted us twice, remarking the reason we would not buy is obviously we did not have the money, and after asking how long my husband and I had been together, saying he obviously had trouble committing. Shortly after our interrogation, we were led upstairs, where we were supposedly waiting for our gifts, which was a lie. Instead, we were accosted by another man, trying to sell us, "Trading Places", some competition to the former offer we were just presented downstairs. After reiterating that we would not be buying anything on the spot, we had another closer, Blake, who after scribbling a bunch eligible figures on a piece of paper, waved us off, and told us, "we do not get it, let them go." Upon that insult, we left.

I am not sure if this has any relevance, but we were told that the owner of the hotel is Ken Molinaro, of Napa, CA, who is also an investor of White Oak Vineyard and Winery. Perhaps he is an ethical business man and cares, perhaps he promotes this kind of activity. Anyhow, I called the winery, and was given his address, and we will be sending a complaint today as well. The following is his address we were given: 173 St. James Drive Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Feel free to contact us at any time.

Lisa Kerth-Zittel

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