Monday, April 7, 2008

Western Capital VIP Client Takes on Nationwide Credit, Listen Live! Robert Paisola Investigates

Mr. Robert  Paisola  Motivational Speaker on THE SECRET

Note From Robert Paisola- This is one of the best phone calls that we at Western Capital have EVER received from a client. This goes to show how much effect that WESTERN CAPITAL is having on the American Credit System. Again, NEVER EVER EVER pay a debt collection agency. Also, EVERY SINGLE READER MUST LISTEN TO THE CALL made by our client. This is how YOU should handle any call with a debt collector. Absolutely amazing job sir!

Here is the recording of the call

Mr. Robert Paisola,

I was contacted by Nationwide Credit on Friday April 4, 2008 about a delinquent American Express account. They tried very hard to get me to pay the debt in full or make a large down payment and payment arrangements. I offered to pay them $8500.00 within 5 days to settle the account and that was unacceptable. When I asked for them to send me something in writing, they refused and told me I had to take advantage of their offer that day or my account would “go to audit”. They wanted my bank account information and a date when they could electronically transfer funds from my account. I refused and told them that I needed to research this further and they needed to contact me via phone today, April 7, 2008.

While doing research, I found your website with the recording and transcripts from past dealings with Nationwide Credit.

I am attaching a recording of the phone call I had today with Tim Rushing, a Supervisor in the Sacramento office. If you would like to contact me please use my personal email, or call 724-XXX-XXXX


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